09 Jan 2020

CIAM Flyer (06-2019) - Helicopter model building to enjoy

Scale Helicopter Meeting in Liechtenstein

The Modellflugverein Liechtenstein has so far been particularly wellknown in the international aerobatics scene. Several world and European champion titles in the F3A class as well as their annual international F3A friendship flying have made the club known far beyond Europe. Despite this great tradition, the association has set itself an additional new goal for this year. For once, they have gone from flying with rigid wings to spinning wings - to helicopter rotors.

Aerobatics with helicopters

Precision aerobatics with helicopters has internationally been at a very high level for many years. The FAI World Championships, which take place every two years, are characterized by professionalism and broad sporting recognition.

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Photo credit: M. Nussbaumer