2023 FAI e-Drone Racing Cup

Final stage

official results


  1. VERSMISSEN Swan - Junior (FRA)
  2. BAILLEAU Guillaume - Junior (FRA)
  3. BITMATTA Thomas (AUS)

                                      Swan VERSMISSEN - France









Final stage

The final stage concerned the 32 pilots qualified from the elimination round (4 best placed pilots in each of the races 1 to 8), and was run online with successive rounds (1/8th finals, 1/4 finals, semi-finals) and a final race. All races will be flown on 3 laps with 4 pilots per race.

The 2 best placed pilots in each race was qualified for the next round.

The pilots selected for the final stage who were physically present in Namwon, Korea for the 2023 FAI World Drone Racing Championship (WDRC) competed in a specific room equipped with the appropriate computers.

The final stage was entirely livestreamed and commented in real time on the FAI YouTube channel.