FAI Aeromodelling Commission (CIAM)

Years 2000-2009

Authors: Tony Aarts and Peter Keim


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 23/24 in Lausanne, attended by 97 representatives from 33 countries.

A working group will be engaged in the revision of the Sporting Code.
The new system of implementation of new rules (every four year) and technical meetings every two years (when there is a World Championships) was introduced.
For RC Helicopter the new set up of the rules was accepted.
In contradiction with the year before one man tow for F3J has been reversed.
The acting third Vice President will be CIAM treasurer as decided in the 1999 December Bureau Meeting.
The last printed version of the CIAM Flyer was distributed.
For the first time the Agenda was distributed electronically. The annexes came by post.
Changes: Bureau: no changes. S/C Chairmen: After 20 years in office RC Aerobatics S/C chairman Ron Chidgey (USA) was replaced by Bob Skinner (RSA). S/C Education/Information: Paul Rietbergen (NED) elected i.l.o.Mike Colling (GBR).

Aeromodelling Gold Medal Radoslav Cizek (CZE)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Marian Kazirod (POL)
Frank Ehling Diploma John Konstantakatos (GRE)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, November 30 and December 1 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 22/23 in Lausanne, attended by 66 representatives from 28 countries.

Earlier it appeared not possible to come to an arrangement with the organizers of the World Air Games. That is why there will not be a participation of aeromodellers. As the European Championships for Control Line and Scale should be a part of the World Air Games, new organizers were needed. CIAM was pleased that Spain could host Control Line and Poland Scale.
New provisional rules for artistic aerobatic competition for airplanes and helicopter were approved.
The Sporting Code is on the FAI Internet website.
The Secretary General argued against international competitions, flown according to FAI/CIAM rules and not on the International Calendar; they should not be permitted. A task force of Bureau members and s/c chairmen should prepare a solution.
It was announced the former CIAM President Henry J. Nicholls passed away in the age of 91.
Changes: Bureau: 2nd Vice-President - Dave Brown (USA) elected i.l.o. Werner Groth (GER). (Werner Groth did not attend the meeting due to severe illness, and died March 31st.) S/C Chairmen: Info/Education - Paul Rietbergen (NED) stepped down and has been replaced by Dave Brown (USA).

Aeromodelling Gold Medal Helmut Ziegler (SUI)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Andras Ree (HUN)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Zivan Josipovic (YUG)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma Radojica Kanatic (YUG)
Antonov Diploma Zoran Katanic (YUG).

CIAM Bureau Meeting, November 29/30 1 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 21/22 in Lausanne, attended by 93 representatives from 29 countries.

Announcement for the World Air Games 2005 with only international competition for aeromodelling. Plans were presented for artistic aerobatic competition for RC Aerobatic and RC Helicopter.
In contradiction with the year before the ban of the stake into the ground for F3J has been reversed.
Introduction of the new provisional class F1P, which will replace F1J in World and Continental Championships for juniors.
Introduction of the new provisional class F2F: diesel profile racing model aircraft.

The CIAM Flyer is on the Internet.
No changes for Bureau members or S/C chairmen.
Aeromodelling Gold Medal Srdjan Pelagic (YUG)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Kazuyuki Sensui (JPN)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Michal Zitnan (SLO)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma Robert White (USA)
Antonov Diploma Miodrag Cipcic (YUG)
Frank Ehling Diploma Aleksandar Stojanovic (YUG)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, November 29/30 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 14/15 in Lausanne, attended by 78 representatives from 33 countries.

According to the new way of working with only Technical Meetings for those S/C’s with in that year a World Championships, the partition for time for Technical Meetings and the Plenary Meeting moved to the advantage of the latter.
For World Air Games competition the following classes are described: F6A and F6C “Artistic aerobatics” (RC Aerobatic and RC Helicopter), F6B “Acro Musicals” (indoor RC Aerobatic) and F6D “Hand Throw Gliders” (modified F3K rules).

Mrs. Jo Halman, UK, has been introduced as assistant of the secretary.
The name “aeromodel” has been replaced by “model aircraft”.
A proposal for introduction of RC Balloons (class F3L) within CIAM as Aerostats was accepted.
Introduction of the new provisional class F3A/L: large model aerobatics.
Introduction of the new provisional class F4A: free flight engine powered flying scale model aircraft.
No changes for Bureau members or S/C chairmen.

Aeromodelling Gold Medal Frank Zaic (USA)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma not awarded; votes were equal
Antonov Diploma Helmut Quabeck (GER)
Frank Ehling Diploma Gyorgy Pinkert (HUN)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, November 28/29 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 12/13 in Lausanne, attended by 89 representatives from 33 countries.

As part of a larger international action, also FAI announced to have adopted the WADA rules against the use of doping.
It was announced that the FAI Board had decided to cancel the 2005 World Air Games. Nevertheless the rules of the new classed were distributed. There was an initiative to organize a yearly competition for these classes as FAI World Masters.
For another year no changes for Bureau members or S/C chairmen.
Introduction of the new provisional class F3N: free style RC Helicopters.

FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal Tomas Bartovsky (CZE)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Michael Kroeger (GER)
Antonov Diploma Vladimir Cipcic (SCG)
Frank Ehling Diploma Andras Sosztarich (HUN)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Manabu Hashimoto (JPN)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 3/4 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 18/19 in Lausanne, attended by 91 representatives from 34 countries.

Changes: Bureau: Bob Brown (USA) 1st Vice-President i.l.o. Pierre Chaussebourg, Gerhard Woebbeking (GER) 2nd Vice-President i.l.o. Dave Brown, Mrs. Jo Halman (GBR) technical secretary i.l.o. Bob Underwood and Pierre Chaussebourg assistant secretary i.l.o. Jo Halman. S/C chairmen: no changes.
Besides FAI also CIAM has a new logo.
The subcommittee “Information & Education” has been renamed into “Education”.
A new subcommittee for Aerostats has been introduced.
Introduction of the new provisional class F7A: Hot Air Balloons.
Introduction of the new provisional class F1Q: Electric Free Flight.
Introduction of the new provisional class F3P: Indoor Aerobatic Power Model Aircraft.
For RC Helicopter the new set up of the rules was accepted.
Because of less than four entering countries, the F4B European Championship 2005 was cancelled.

FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal Lauri Barr (GBR)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Robert White (USA)
Antonov Diploma Goran Olsson (SWE)
Frank Ehling Diploma Stuart Lodge (GBR)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Antonio Mazzaracchio (ITA)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 2/3 in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 24/25 in Lausanne, attended by 97 representatives from 33 countries.

2006: L. Gialanella and CIAM President S. PimenoffThe four year period of no rule change will be reduced to two years in step with the World Championship cycle. The procedure to give a class the World Championship status will be easier, although the Bureau gets the responsibility not adding more Championships to the schedule.

Special rule for autonomous flight records are added. For improving safety the Bureau added a number of rule changes for F3D Pylon race to the agenda.

Changes: Bureau: Massimo Semoli (ITA) Secretary i.l.o. Luca Gialanella, Hartmut Siegmann (GER) Assistant Secretary i.l.o. Pierre Chaussebourg. S/C chairmen: no changes.

FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal Matti Jyllila (FIN)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Christophe Paysant le Roux (FRA)
Antonov Diploma Bernard Hunt (GBR)
Frank Ehling Diploma Andrija Ducak (SCG)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma Christopher Callow (AUS)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Hiroki Ito (JPN)
CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 1/2 in Muncie, USA


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 23/24 in Lausanne, attended by 96 representatives from 33 countries.

2007: One of several votings during CIAM Plenary MeetingA renewed set of rules for F3D Pylon racing has been adopted in principle; slight changes will be presented to the December Bureau Meeting and later on to the 2008 Plenary Meeting. For class F5B Lipo batteries will become the only possible energy source. Payments (all in Euros) may now be made by credit card. The F4B and F4C European Championships (Ukraine) had to be cancelled because of lack of competitors.

Changes: Bureau: Bob Skinner (RSA) 2nd vice President i.l.o. Gerhard Woebbeking, Gerhard Woebbeking (GER) 3rd Vice President i.l.o. Andras Ree. S/C chairmen: Marcel Prevotat (France) appointed by the Bureau as chairman for RC Lighter than Air.

2007: RC Soaring Subcommittee

FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal Antonis Papadopoulos (Greece)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Pavel Fencl (Czech Republic)
Antonov Diploma Daniel Petcu (Romania)
Frank Ehling Diploma Otto Hints (Romania)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma no nomination
Andrei Tupolev Medal Popa Aurel (Romania)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, November 30th and December 1st 2007 in Lausanne.


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 23/24 in Lausanne, attended by 110 representatives from 37 countries.

The new F6 working group for Airsports Promotion had his first technical meeting.
The decision was made to establish an education scholarship for juniors with an amount of 2000 euros per year.
Autonomous flight is not recognised as model aircraft anymore.
The official class F3K got the World Champion status and the provisional class F3P the official status.
New provisional classes: F2G: electric powered control line speed model aircraft; large scale model aircraft and F4H RC scale; S6A/P: streamer target time duration.
This was the Plenary Meeting at which Sandy Pimenoff ended his 40 year long career as CIAM President. During a party the FAI President and many others thanked Sandy for the very long period of serving the CIAM and FAI. During the same party also Control Line chairman Laird Jackson ended his career of 32 years.
Bob Skinner (RSA) President i.l.o. Sandy Pimenoff, Gerhard Woebbeking (GER) 2nd Vice President i.l.o. Bob Skinner, Andras Ree 3rd Vice President i.l.o. Gerhard Woebbeking.
FAI Gold Aeromodelling Medal Narve Jensen (Norway)
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Marian Popescu (Romania)
Antonov Diploma Paul Beard (United Kingdom)
Frank Ehling Diploma Ottar Stensboel (Norway)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma Sergey Makarov (Russia)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Per Findahl (Sweden)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 5th and 6th in Lausanne


CIAM Plenary Meeting March 27/28 in Lausanne, attended by 83 representatives from 37 countries.
During the Bureau Meeting before the Plenary Meeting the Bureau held a Strategy Workshop which was facilitated by TSE Consulting.
There was a presentation from the media firm Flying Aces, official partner from the FAI.
The agenda was followed by two addendums and one from the Bureau during the Plenary Meeting.
The FAI introduced a set of rules for the FAI Anti-Doping programme.
The provisional classes F1P and F3F and F3M got the official status.
New provisional class: F1R: indoor micro35 model aircraft.
The F4B category (seniors and juniors) has been deleted from the list with recognized World Championships.
The F2 European Championships were held without the classes F2A and F2C.
Changes: S/C chairmen: F3 RC Aerobatics: Michael Ramel (GER) i.l.o Bob Skinner, F3D RC Pylonrace: Rob Metkemeijer (NED) i.l.o.Bob Brown.
Alphonse Penaud Diploma Peter Halman (Great Britain)
Andrei Tupolev Diploma Luis Parramon (Spain)
Andrei Tupolev Medal Ivan Treger (Slovakia)
FAI Aeromodelling Gold Medal Sandy Pimenoff (Finland)
Special Diploma Award Maynard Hill (USA)

CIAM Bureau Meeting, December 3rd, 4th, and 5gth in Lausanne.

2009: Special Award to M. Hill presented by S. Pimenoff to D. Brown